Ensuring the Safety of Your Memorabilia Collection
Posted January 12, 2016

Like a prenup agreement dampening the blissful days before a wedding, no one wants to think of the possibility of something happening to their precious collection of memorabilia. But yet so much time, money and focus is spent trying to find and accumulate valuable items that any serious collector ought to consider the best ways to ensure that these items are safe from. So what are the best ways to make sure your collection is protected against theft, fires, floods, etc.? Well there are more than just a couple.



Unlike homeowners or renters insurance, collectors insurance ensures the safety of your collection according to its value at the time it was stolen. Of course there are options like extended coverage for those who have items with a value higher than the allotted amount, but that value could quickly change at a very inconvenient time leaving you with less than your collection was worth. If you’ve got a collection worth insuring, you’re safer taking the collector’s insurance route and making sure you’re completely covered if and when disaster strikes.



While hopefully your insurance will take care of most of the minute details in the case of theft, a flood, fire, etc., it will be tremendously helpful, if the time ever comes, if you’re ready with all the proper documentation of your collection. This includes pictures, videos, inventory sheets, certificates of authenticity, receipts and anything that proves the authenticity of your collection.


It’s also a great idea to keep an electronic copy of all these documents in a folder somewhere safe besides just your computer like an email or external hard drive. This will make things easier in the unfortunate case that they are also stolen or you need to pull them up in a jiff.



Not all protection of your collection has to be through a collectibles insurer, there are plenty of ways you can keep everything safe:


  • Invest in a fire safe. You will not regret this in the case of a fire.
  • Be mindful of what you share on social media, especially if you go out of town often. Remember this can be the perfect opportunity for thieves to strike.
  • Use proper protective casing. This will not only protect them if a disaster occurs, but from everyday tear and damage.

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